Robert Zagożdżon

About me

I’m a scientist. I explore the inner knowledge. I’m a scientist turning my attention inwards. I use experimental methods to investigate various areas of life of the human being, searching for truth. I examine business, people’s weaknesses and passions, their personal life, emotions and feelings. Truth is whatever works. Whatever leads to success and fulfillment. Success in all the areas that concern me.

Fulfillment as the art of realizing my potential and living in joy, love, internal freedom and bliss. Rebellion is the core of my life. Since I look for freedom, I call into question the basic principles we live on. Therefore, I rebel whenever an obstacle stands in my way.

My road to the goal is discovering and creating myself through deepening my awareness.

My Book

A groud-breaking book – published also as an audiobook – for all those searching for challenges, support and inspiration in life. It answers the question how to blend the spiritual world with the world of business in ideal proportions and a sense of harmony. If you want to learn how to succeed in professional life, while not neglecting personal and spiritual life, you must read this book.

Take up a new challenge. Play a new game, teach yourself and your surroundings a new approach to life and business. You can achieve your greatest success – to live without limits. You have a chance to win the most valuable prize – yourself, your humanity – and go along the road of abundance. If you’re willing to make a step on that road, summon all your wisdom and courage, choose love and freedom. Create a business with a soul!