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Discover Your Potential workshop at Maryno – May 2017

Last May saw the Discover Your Potential workshop co-organized by One Energy. The participants worked together discovering their way to their fullest potential and learning the most effective methods of achieving success.
During the workshop, I addressed questions such as: What makes a businessperson or manager efficient? What leads a human being to be successful and fulfilled? What kind of path should one take to most fully utilize one’s potential? The workshop participants included people from a range of industries who came from all over Poland. Their feedback was very positive. What they found particularly revelatory was the realization that any person can alter their own luck and happiness, that nothing is impossible and that all our limitations are in our minds. A change in approach to life, some training in mindfulness, action-orientedness and a pinch of meditation are enough to make a difference. I invite you to see the video report and hear the participants’ opinions.