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About me

Robert Zagożdżon

Robert Zagożdżon – businessman, leader, mentor. Owner of investment funds in Europe and America. He has managed marketing, energy and telecommunications companies in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland. Founder of groups such as Save Max International Inc., Energy Supplier No1 A.S. and Investment Union S.E. Between 1995 and 2009 he created sales networks in more than ten countries around the world.

The business he has built within a few years exceeds € 100 M. His business success has been commented on in a number of countries by leading media, including Forbes, Wprost, Parkiet, and Manager.

He embarked on his business journey in 1995 by setting up a direct marketing company. The then founded brand Save Max was successful in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland, and subsequently in many other countries, including Greek and German markets.. After 2007 he concentrated his efforts and resources on the energy sector, with the energy market opening in the Czech Republic. Before long, independent energy companies founded by Robert Zagożdżon were also set in motion in Slovakia, Hungary and Poland. A few years later, the effectively managed entities valuated at more than 50 million euros attracted the interest of investment funds: the Slovak and Czech part of Energy Supplier No1 was sold to a Swiss fund Cromicorn in 2013, and the obtained money was invested in developing the Polish branch of the group, Energia dla Firm S.A. and in the corporation Energetyczne Centrum S.A. Over the last year the two were consolidated under Polish Energy Fund FIZAN.

Today Robert Zagożdżon’s roles in his companies are those of a strategist and business angel. He also commits himself to coaching, mentoring and leadership, as well as projects that support growth and deepening of human self-awareness. He is an active investor and entrepreneur, developing subsequent business platforms and investment projects. The most recent one is Blue Boson, a new-to-Poland innovative technology that utilizes energy latent within the molecular structure of water and other media, which is expressed by tremendous cost efficiencies in a range of industries.

Zagożdżon is also a co-founder of the multimedia platform One Energy and founder of the One Energy Foundation – its projects promoting human development and self-awareness deepening, human resources training and developing our dormant potential.

I am a researcher. I deal with the inner knowledge. I’m a scientist focusing my attention inwards. I use experimental methods to explore various areas of life of a human being in search of the truth. I examine business, human weaknesses and passions, personal life, emotions, feelings and climates in which they can arise. To me, all is true that works. That brings success and fulfillment. Success in all life areas which concern me. Fulfillment as the art of attaining one’s potential and living in joy, love, inner freedom and bliss. Rebellion is the essence of my life, because I seek freedom, questioning fundamental rules by which we have lived. So I rebel every time an obstacle stands in my way.

My road to the goal is discovering and creating myself through deepening my awareness. A continual process of development is the most important component of a person. That is why, for years now, I have engaged myself in deepening consciousness and investing in training my employees. Mindfulness is the most precious tool on this path. It has enabled me to attain success and fulfillment in business and in personal life. With mindfulness, I have come to know my strongest assets: intuition, spontaneity, sensitivity and creativity. To me, discovering one’s potential is an art that leads to a life of passion, joy and inner freedom. Consequently, I inspire others to walk this way, too.

Business in the Spirit of Holacracy

As the so-called “cooperation revolution” re-shapes the market as well as business models, companies like mine, unafraid of revolutionary arrangements, are redefining their structures andi processes, dispensing with the typical hierarchy and embracing decentralized models of management.

One available and probably the most comprehensive solution is Holacracy. The most distinctive feature of Holacracy is that it aims at organizing the business around the work to be done, rather than the people who do it. Instead of power-based human relations, Holacracy builds a system that is focused on performing specific functions and tasks.

Running a business is about managing people. It is my conviction that the starting point of management should be investing in the people, instructing, consulting and assisting them, which requires skillful communication of information and of what is expected of them. Trusting yourself and your employees is another obviously essential element.

Growing consciousness is the supreme expression of human evolution. Consciousness is what led me to understand the value of leadership and the importance of trust. Trust is a precondition of rising beyond the old paradigm of managing people. Can anything other than managing people ensure efficiency in business? The answer is yes, it is self-management. Self-management breeds fulfillment and unsurpassed efficiency, creating space for new consciousness to manifest in our workplaces. Here we are getting into an integrated management system called Turquoise. Turquoise organisms are self-managing, striving for wholeness (people bring in more aspects of their personalities), and oriented towards an evolutionary purpose.

Today, I myself invest my energies in such projects as Investment Union and One Energy where I put the Turquoise management theory into everyday practice. Organizations of this kind are not founded on covert fear-driven mechanisms but on structures and practices that give rise to a sense of trust and responsibility. The turning to Evolutionary Turquoise structures, practices and cultures tends to release tremendous amounts of energy that has been stifled and unavailable.

the book

Wishing to share his experience, Robert Zagożdżon wrote the book ODKRYJ SIEBIE, CZYLI JAK WYKORZYSTAĆ POTENCJAŁ SWÓJ I ORGANIZACJI (published in English as Soul of Business: Towards total integrity), dedicated to all those looking for challenges, support and life inspiration. It addresses the question how to blend our inner world with the world of business in ideal proportions and a sense of harmony. If you want to learn how to be successful professionally without neglecting your personal and spiritual life, this book is a must read.

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