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Eastern Europe Energy Forum conference

The Polish Energy Fund was a partner of the Eastern Europe Energy Forum conference. I had the opportunity to participate in a discussion panel in which, together with current guests, we raised issues regarding the development of electromobility as an opportunity to improve the quality of life, air and the prospect of development of local communities. We talked, among others on the climate and environmental challenges faced by Poland, the role of local governments in stimulating the development of the alternative fuels market in transport and development of the settlement network and communication systems for the needs of electromobility, especially in the context of housing and charging infrastructure. As the founder of the Polish Energy Fund, I presented PFE perspectives and support for small and medium-sized businesses enabling development in the e-mobility sector. Our companies are already selling similar devices as well as stations that are technically close to charging stations for electric cars. Co-operation with small and medium-sized local entities will be needed here, for example, which will be installed. Poland can be a significant supplier of charging stations for electric cars – the cost of producing them is cheaper here than in highly developed countries such as France, Great Britain or Germany.